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How To Start Your Own Internet Marketing Business 2019

Today is the perfect day to launch your dream. 86,400 seconds, 1440 minutes, 24 hours, that is today broken down into a nutshell however you can look beyond these numbers. The 86,400 seconds present unlimited opportunities you can unlock for you to grow and chase your dreams. If used wisely you can make your dreams come true and become the person you have always wished to become. Today is a gift, that is why they call it present. Are you ready to seize your present?

You have always had dreams of making it big in life, you have always wanted to become the happiest person in the world, own big cars, a posh home, lots of valuable friends around your dream life and all those glossy and big things but this has always remained a dream.

When are you ready to step up and make this happen, when are you going to start taking steps towards your future? The perfect time to start is today. Today is unique and special in its beauty, it is not like yesterday or any other day, it is a special day that should fill your heart with dreams and hopes. It is a day you are required to unleash your full potential and create the life that you desire. Start living your dream today.

Today is packed with infinite potential that you should exploit. Take on today as a brand new beginning not an extension of yesterday. What happened yesterday no longer counts. It is in the past and you cannot change it, the only thing you can do is accept it and move on. Of course remember the lessons yesterday taught you as they will help you avoid getting into another trap, however do not carry the baggage of yesterday today.  Today is to start living your dreams and unlocking your infinite potential. Make today the best day of your life.

As I mentioned earlier the beginning is always today, therefore you should treat it better than any other day. Look at it as you will kick start the journey towards living a perfect life. Make it count and look at everything positively.

Here are a few things that you can do today to make your tomorrow awesome. Remember that a good tomorrow requires you to do your best today.

Number one - Live in the moment. This is very important. It is good to live every moment. Let your mind focus on the present. Worrying about the future or regretting the past will not get you anywhere, therefore try to focus on the moment so that your tomorrow will be free of regrets and full of happiness and peace.

Number two - Start your day positively. You need to have happy mornings. Kick-starting your day on the right note will make it easier for you to have a prosperous day.

Number three - Take your time in the morning. Do not rush to get out of bed in the morning. Wake up fifteen minutes before your scheduled time to welcome the new day calmly. Do some stretching exercises to wake your body and mind up and improve your blood circulation. Choose a workout routine that suits you and follow it in the morning. Meditation helps as well. It uses time to fuel your soul and motivate yourself to prepare for tasks ahead.

Number four - For your mind to have a productive day you will need to have a clutter free mind and a clean environment. While meditation will keep your mind free of clutter you will need to clear your immediate surroundings as well. Make your bed before you leave your bedroom and do a quick cleanup of your room. This simple act will motivate you and unconsciously make you feel good about yourself.

Number five - Keep your body full and hydrated. A simple healthy breakfast is key to keeping you feeling energetic all day long. A veggie omelet takes little time to prepare and will keep you full for hours.

Number six - Attend to an important task today. Most of the time we are so busy doing emergency work that we seldom have time to do important tasks that build projects that guarantee a good future. Therefore while creating your to-do list, have a couple of important tasks that you should complete today.

Number seven - Spend time with a loved one each day. Schedule some time to spend with the people you love. Be it your parents, family or friends, surrounding yourself with people you love makes life wonderful.

Number eight - Go for a walk. You can choose morning or afternoon walks. Also there are people who prefer lunch hour or after-dinner walks. This will affect your mood positively. Choose a natural location where you can go and relax or enjoy a breeze.

Number nine - Read something worthwhile. Schedule time to read something inspirational or motivating. The best time to do this is to read before going to bed. Good books are food for the brain.

Number 10 - Seize today. It is a gift from God and thus should be treasured. Fill it with love happiness and hope. Once you do that you will start living your dreams.


 How To Start Your Own Internet Marketing Business 2019

Imagine you are building a house. What is the first thing you need to make sure is solid? The foundation. Well if you want to know how to start your own internet marketing business you need to know how to build a solid foundation.

The main thing that normally stands in the way of making progress is a plan. A system. A system that you stick with and follow through on. It really is that simple!

So as you are starting out your primary aim should be to establish a system that can earn you money for a long time to come. In fact this plan, this system, this foundation, should be your main and only focus and unless you are already earning big bucks nothing else matters more than preparing your plan and sticking with it. You need to direct all your energy into this system. Do whatever it takes, blood sweat and tears, but stick with it.

You are going to be bombarded with advertisements. You should do everything in your power to ignore all of the noise out there. Ignore all the offers. Just focus, and I mean laser focus on setting up this one system.

Now I am warning you. You are going to be tempted almost every day to distract yourself from the system. You are going to be eager to break away from the system and try something else. But do not! Not even for a moment. Make no mistake about it. Your willingness to stick to this one system and refrain from paying attention to all the other distractions out there is your main goal. Distractions are public enemy number one and you must conquer all those useless distractions.

The system I am going to reveal to you is proven, has been proven for years and will continue to prove itself successful for years to come. It is true. You see, you have been conditioned. Yes. You have been conditioned to look for the new thing, the latest and greatest new thing. If I were to put How To Start Your Own Internet Marketing Business 2002 you would probably pass on this and chalk it up as out of date. Why? Because we are all conditioned to get the new version. The latest iPhone, the newest Samsung Galaxy, the newest information and the most cutting edge concepts and trends.

We jump on Facebook when it is new then Pinterest then whatever comes next. You know what I am talking about? You see, we live in a microwave society and we want everything new and fast. We want it right now and we want the new thing. This has been conditioned into us for a long, long time. Marketers know this well, they know that this is a moving parade of a market and in order to keep earning more and more money, we have to keep offering you newer and newer products. Marketers rack their brains trying to think of what shiny new object can they offer you. They know that most people in this market will buy stuff and not even read it, not go through it and sometimes not even download it after they bought it. It is crazy. It is a moving parade of offers. One offer after the next one pitch after the next constantly dazzling you with magic buttons and tools and even blueprints for earning money.

What you need to do is to flip the table. You see sitting across from you right now at the table are  marketers selling you stuff. You sitting on one side of the table and a herd of marketers are walking by you offering up one offer after the next asking you to buy. What you need to do is to get up out of your chair and walk around to the other side of the table and be one of the merchants selling your own offers to the herd of customers out there and buying these offers. Yes, you need to become one of us. Now, many out there will chastise what I am saying. They will try to be politically correct and say the right things. They will turn up their nose at what I am saying and try to be righteous. You know what? Whatever. Pay them no attention. Instead, set up your own money printing press and start earning big money fast.


1 Hour Product Creation

Join the ranks of those who have gone from earning nothing online and wasting their time and money online to being one of us who are making a full time living online. Stop being the customer and start being the seller. Stop chasing those magic schemes or hidden loopholes and start being the one offering magic schemes and hidden loopholes.

Stop being the newbie thinking he or she needs all the answers, all the techniques, all of the secrets and the one who must pay the price before they feel worthy to earn anything online. Yes, many people and mainly newbies think they must pay some kind of price first before they earn any kind of money online. They think that they have to put in their time first before they are worthy of earning any money. They think that they have to learn, learn and master everything before they are worthy of earning big money and they are wrong.

All you need to do is set up a system like the one I am about to reveal to you and work that system, stick to that system and stop being like a hamster on a wheel chasing around and around and getting nowhere fast. All you need is this system and you can earn money out of thin air, much like printing your own money. How powerful is that?

So welcome. Welcome to the rest of your life. Dig In, pay close attention and read what I have written because I know what I am talking about. I am not here to be your best friend. I am here to tell you the truth and show you a system that works like a charm. It is up to you to follow it and you know what? Most never will. Yup. Most just continue chasing magic buttons like some crack addict always chasing the next fix. I cannot do a thing about their crack addiction to magic buttons. I cannot fix what does not want to be fixed and I cannot make a horse drink water if I lead them there.

At this point, I realize now more than ever, most of them just want a hint of hope and that is fine and dandy, that hint of hope, but realize if you actually do it and work this system, you can actually achieve that hope. It can actually become a reality and I am serious. Do you really want to succeed online and earn a full time income? Then you must do the following, master the system and stick with it. Work the system and learn it like the back of your hand. Refrain from talking out of it. Refrain from continuing to search for those magic buttons. Refrain from distracting yourself. Ignore all the noise out there. How can anyone think with all the noise out there otherwise known as offers. Have faith, because without faith, that little voice will indeed talk you out of everything that is worthy.

The print your own money system is uncensored and I truly mean uncensored. All that matters in business is cashflow and your customers and your employees. If you want cashflow and customers, then this is the best system you'll ever find. I don't care what glamorous or glitzy offer gets pitched to you either. This is the best system that you'll find and you want to know why? Because every business or system out there requires the same types of steps and procedures to succeed. You might think, oh, this offline consulting gig looks great. I bet I can make money easily with this, but the truth is it must be treated like a business or a system or it will fail you. You might also think, ah, this Amazon Product Gizmo looks awesome and easy. I bet I can make at least six grand a month with this easily. But the truth is it must be treated like a business and not some scheme or magic button for it to succeed because it will fail.

The fact of the matter is, unless you treat it like a business aspect of the system, it will not work. I don't care how easy and push button the offer is, you have to stick to it and run it like a business. So the next time that you're looking at a great offer and contemplating whether or not to buy it, remember this, if you want to earn big money in business, you need to work the system and stick to it, then master it and run the entire thing like a real business or it will fail. That's just the truth. So just a warning, I'm not going to hold back and if it gets me a whole new crop of haters and criticism, I don't really care if you are one who respects the truth and appreciates the fact that someone is giving you the dirty truth and not blowing smoke in your eyes, then great.

You're the one that this course is for. You are my mission, earning money out of thin air. This system is like printing money. It's like having your own printing press that spits out dollar bills. This system can even be looked at as printing free money out of thin air. Legally. I love this system because it's changed my life. Let's say that you went to Las Vegas to gamble and you had a hundred bucks to spend on gambling. You told yourself if you lose that $100 you're done and we'll not gamble the rest of the weekend. Therefore you have a a hundred dollars to spend. The first hour you are down to $30 left. You've already spent $70 and lost it. You are all depressed because you're losing. You decide to go to lunch and relax from the gambling tables for a little while. While at lunch you overhear two guys talking about how they won a ton of money on the craps table.

One guy said he just kept betting on the do not pass line and kept winning. You decided to give that a try next, so you finish up your slice of pizza and dash over to the craps table. You slap down 10 bucks on a do not pass line. Bingo. You win. Now you have 40 bucks. You keep working the table and build up to $170 you have now profited $70 you started out with $100 but now have a total of 170 which is $70 more than you started with, so you decided to take out that $100 and put it back in your wallet. You're not going to touch that $100 you started with and you're just going to use the $70 that you've won to continue gambling with. You are playing with house money. You are playing with the casinos money now, not yours. You stashed that 100 bucks away and you will not touch it again.

No matter what, you're playing with other people's money. Now, this may seem like common sense to you. It may seem like something even an eighth grader would figure out. However, there's a major, major business lesson in this story. Let me put it another way with another story, but with real estate instead of gambling or online marketing, because with gambling, the odds are not in your favor with this system. I'm going to show you the odds are greatly in your favor. Let's say you rent out an apartment and someone pays your rent monthly for living there. This renter pays for your mortgage taxes and maintenance through the rent amount. He or she pays you monthly, plus you earn $100 extra and profit every month. So let's say your monthly mortgage payment is $400 and you rent out this apartment for $600 the extra $200 covers taxes and maintenance, and that leaves a a hundred dollars to you as profit.

Now that $100 per month or $2,400 a year is house money. In fact, you don't even have to pay taxes on that $2,400 it's tax free, but you should still check with your accountant. Now you sell that apartment for $70,000 and therefore earn $20,000 on the sale. That would require you paying capital gains tax, I believe. But you can take that $20,000 you just earned and put it into a new investment and then it's tax free. And again, check with your accountant on this because I'm not one. Now. Let's say you take that $20,000 you just earned and put it down on four more apartment units. Now you're earning $1,500 a month in profit and those tenants are paying for your mortgage payment taxes and maintenance. Either way, this is yet another example of using house money. My friend. This is how the rich get rich and richer and in fact I can even take it further than that.

The rich just do things differently. Here's a hypothetical of a system a rich business person could do. The rich person uses OPM or other people's money to finance a real estate deal. That real estate deal produces a monthly income for the rich person, which is cash flow. This is tax free income. This person then takes that revenue or cash flow from the real estate deal and invests it into a new investment like gold, silver, real estate, et cetera. Then he or she takes that return on investment capital gains and reinvests it into a tax deferred pension plan or a life insurance plan. He then takes out loans versus the death benefit from the life insurance plan or the gain and the gold or silver and invests that into the life insurance plan and that loan is tax-free. All of that was on other money too.

He started with investments from other people who wanted to fund the real estate deal and earn profits. Now I'm no CPA or tax attorney and this is just an illustration for talking points, but still this is how the rich get richer. The rich have people who give them money. In other words, customers or investors, et cetera. The non rich give their money to the rich people. Oh, playing with house money is more than just a saying. It's a system for getting rich or making lots of money and it works online like a charm. How to use house money online? The value, the people who have been able to succeed and continue to succeed even when markets change and regulations put most out of business are the people who have the ability to provide great value. Customers exchange their hard earned money for value period. People.

Your customers will give you money in exchange for you giving them value. Don't ever forget that they seek value and your job is to provide it to them. If you can acquire one skill, it should be the skill of providing value to people. The other skill would be sales, but we'll talk a little bit more about that later. For now, just understand that you must get good at providing value. People buy products that they want and not what they need. Sure, they might think they need something but likely they merely want it. You do not need to sell products. People need most products and services. People need our commodities and are regulated. People need food and water. They need shelter and medicine. People do not want to spend a lot on needs. In fact, many believe those needs should be provided free by governments, food stamps for food free healthcare, free shelter and housing and free clothes and shoes are just some of the products and services that governments provide.

What most people spend their money on are "wants". Anyone can live in a $400 per month apartment, but people buy $500,000 houses. Do they really need that nicer house? Did they need leather seats and their two cars? Do they need 15 pairs of shoes or 85 different shirts to wear? Do they need a wireless keyboard for their computer or iPads online? Do people need information products on how to persuade people? How to lose weight, how to get more dates, how to drive traffic, how to earn six figures, how to grow beautiful roses or how to improve their golf game. These are want products. They're not need products and these are the type of products most people spend their money on. They see these wants as needs sometimes, but they're not needs. In this program, you're going to learn how to tap into these wants and create buying frenzies.

You'll discover how to persuade people to spend big money on your products. Therefore, to understand value is to understand that people have perceptions of value. I could sell you this blueprint for $27 or I can sell it to you for $2,700 after all, this is a blueprint that could help you earn millions of dollars. Surely that's worth more than $2,700 right? Where most people in this market lose touch with value is by operating in a hasty manner. They want to toss up low quality stuff and hope people buy from them again and again. If you can acquire the ability to create great value, then you can earn a fortune in direct response marketing, period and value is perception. In fact, you should master this skill. It can make you wealthy for the rest of your life. You should indeed master the skill of how to create value. Forget about money for a second and just focus on value.

How can you provide value to people? What would you love to teach people? What topic or method would you even teach people for free if money were no object, forget about money for a moment once again and just concentrate on providing value on helping people solve a problem or get something that they want and mastering the skill of providing value. Realize that you can easily develop the skill. Information is abundant and it's all around you. One step inside of a bookstore proves this because you see all you have to do is grab some of those books in that bookstore and learn what is being taught. You can then teach what you've learned to others for a fee. For example, you could buy a book on how to find Mr Right? Read the book, take notes and learn insights being taught in the book. You can then buy another book on how to get your man to commit, take notes and learn the insights taught in that book too.

Now you can take your notes and craft an outline of a report. You can then either write the report yourself or outsource it to a professional ghost writer. Presto. You not only have a book of your own to sell, but you've learned the insights. Those insights are now yours to teach for the rest of your life and you decide to do just that. Teach the secrets to dating. You've become a dating coach. You have a site, you have a membership site, you have a blog, press releases, articles, Facebook posts, and even conduct live online webinar presentations very quickly. You have mastered those insights like the back of your hand. You know them well. You can teach this stuff in your sleep at any given moment. You can quickly rattle off secrets to dating, to anyone interested. People Start Paying you for coaching and you repeat these secrets over and over again to hundreds of people over the years.

You're now a guru an expert and making money is a breeze. In fact, as long as there are human beings on this planet, they will have relationship challenges and you can help them. To think it all started by walking into that bookstore and buying two books on relationships and learning the insights taught. Who would have thought that those notes you took would turn out to be $1 million business. If you look closely, you'll see that you are providing value. This is something that people need or rather want. What can you get good at? What knowledge can you acquire that solves a problem or helps people? What are you interested in? Well, I know you're interested in making money online. You could easily learn and then master how to get traffic with Facebook and then teach people that. You can easily learn how to create effective squeeze pages and teach people that. You can learn how to create SEO friendly blogs and teach people that. The list is literally endless, but that's not what most people do.

They buy a private label rights product and toss it up online and drive some traffic to it all in one single day and then wonder where the money's hiding at. Then they buy a Gizmo software program that promises riches overnight and play with that broken software for a month before they finally give up and move onto the next pie in the sky. They never, and I repeat, never focus on getting any kind of skills or knowledge to teach. They are all in hurry. They need to make money right now because the house is going to get foreclosed on. There are bills to be paid and there's no time to be waiting around to master some skill or piece of knowledge. Speed is what people want and that's what all of society wants. It's a microwave society and instant gratification world. The must have it now world that we live in and when it comes to making money online, most people are no different.

They want that quick hit of hope. Instead of being one of those people who wants instant gratification, be the one who sells it. Yes, be the one who sells instant gratification and not the one who was trapped by it. Do not be the one who is blinded by the instant gratification illusion. Instead, sell it. Be the one who provides instant gratification methods and products. Want to lose weight? Take this pill. You'll be able to see results in 48 hours or less. Want to be happier, listen to the subliminal audios and feel better instantly. Want to make money online from home. Get the secret software and you can earn money as fast as tonight. I'm not saying to be immoral or unethical. That piece of software could make you money as fast as tonight. If you know what you're doing, that pill can get you great results fast too.

If you exercise and stop eating pizza every night, again, what do people exchange their money for? They exchange it for value. Value is a perceived thing. Value is what people want, not what they need. Even though they may feel like they need it, they merely want it. Sell once. What if you bought a product from me and when you logged inside the members area, you saw one audio file and that's it, and let's say the price of that product was $297 of your hard earned money. Do you feel like you've gotten your money's worth? What if that audio file showed that it was four hours long? Would you feel better then maybe that's still a bit expensive for only four hours of audio. What if on the other hand, you logged in and you saw 16 audio files each with descriptions and 22 PDFs, wouldn't that be more valuable for your $297 and what if those 16 audio files total four hours all together?

What if those 22 PDFs for transcripts of those 16 audios plus a few more filled in with affiliate links and resources? Value is perception. However, if all 16 audios were terrible, you'd feel upset, you'd feel like the $297 that you spent was wasted and that the entire thing was a sham. Therefore, value is what it is. Valuable. And providing value is a matter of providing quality. It is too bad that most in this business will never want to provide a valuable product to any market. They will spend four years of their lives trying to make money online from home, but never once spend any kind of quality time and mastering one topic or lesson and teaching something of value. They will constantly look for the path of least resistance. I mean, if you can't create a valuable product, then by all means, take the path of least resistance and buy some $2 and 50 cent PLR products and sell that right.

Now PLR products do have their place and we'll talk a little bit more about that later, but all in all value is key. Instead of wasting four years of your life looking for the quick fix, invest two weeks of your life mastering one topic or lesson that you can teach. Invest two weeks of your life mastering a technique for losing weight or for lowering blood pressure or for quitting smoking or for improving your golf putting game or for picking up dates or for writing sales copy or for writing press releases or for mastering Twitter. or on how to get child custody or on how to manage your taxes or how to invest in gold coins, etc. The possibilities are limitless. Pick one thing and master it. You are only one skill away from six figures and that skill is providing value. Forget money and ask yourself this.

What would you love to teach so much that you would do it for free? Then get busy learning and then get busy teaching. To think, Steve jobs made billions for providing slick, sleek, and innovative products millions of people really, really wanted, they did not need those products and they sure don't need the latest version of those products. Yet people stand in line overnight to get one of the first ones off the shelf. I mean, it's crazy. I'm convinced if Steve Jobs would have created the I-CAR, we'd be seeing most American citizens driving around with that same kind of car. The highways and streets would be filled with these i- cars and you know why? Because he was a master at providing value. There's so much brilliance behind what he's innovated. It's not even funny. It's actually mind boggling. Think about Pixar and the iPod and think about the media and how the media gave him free advertising on all of his launches.

Value is perception. Never forget that. Now, if value is perception then understand, branding is perception to. Understand that it's all about presentation. Understand that it's all about perception and presentation. To get people to like you is half the battle to getting rich in marketing. People love apple products. They buy all kinds of gizmos and accessories and products from apple. They really, really like apple. Apple is branded and the same goes with Frank Kern, a popular Internet marketing star. People really, really like him. He can make money just on his brand. Yes, value is perception. Does Frank know his stuff. Of course he's brilliant and I have enjoyed watching him over the years. He did a tremendous job of branding himself and getting people to like him. Some people will buy everything he ever sells. There are some people that won't even read the sales page. They'll just buy it. Being liked is one of the most powerful forms of value that there is, but you don't have to be frank Kern to tap into this.

You can get your list to like you or your company brand to increase value. Well actually perceived value. But do you need to have generated millions of dollars in order to get people to like you, no. In fact, you might even be better at getting more people to like you. How can you get people to like you more? Well, you can give them free stuff, which is also known as goodwill. You can do nice things for them. You can tell them the truth and be straight to the point instead of jacking people around. However, one of the best ways to get people to like you is to entertain them. Yep. Those are the people that are liked most, the entertainers. Can you make them laugh? Can you make them cry? Can you create empathy? Are you a good speaker? Are you interesting, goofy? Are you hardcore like Donald Trump? Are you controversial? Are you offensive like Gary Halbert was? Can you add this branding an on purpose entertainment into your product list, emails, presentations, and everything else that you do? You should try to, because it increases value and value, as I've said, is perception.

To be continued