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The content menu is the pathway to an extensive selection of information.

The initial dropdown menu will probably extend to about 30 main categories each of which will have its own dropdown menu of up to about 75 pages.

The intention is to provide access to a large and growing selection of curated and original content.

Both original and curated content contain links to other websites.

I started this project during the early part of 2019 and my aim is to develop into an information platform where site visitors have access to a large and growing source of information, much of which is suppressed or hidden from main stream media.


I buy a lot of marketing material and one of my main hates is the amount of emails I receive from the vendors of aforementioned marketing material. The occasional  email is ok but when you are getting 3 or 4 or more emails from the same marketers every week it is a bit much. So, no email list for me.