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The content menu is the pathway to an extensive selection of information.

The initial dropdown menu will probably extend to about 30 main categories each of which will have its own dropdown menu of up to about 75 pages.

The intention is to provide access to a large and growing selection of curated and original content.

Both original and curated content contain links to other websites, mainly is the website where we host all online video tutorials.

I started this project during the early part of 2019 and my aim is to develop into a membership website whose members have access to all of the online video courses for a small monthly fee.

My original idea had been to sell each course on its own but in the planning stages and during discussions with my partner we decided that as the content was going to build each and every month that instead of selling each course we would create a monthly subscription based membership site and enable  our members to view all of the content as it became available.

Currently the plan is to have two membership levels:-

FREE:- As a very large part of how we collect and present information is video based sourced from creative commons content on Youtube, it is only right and proper that this curated content is presented free of charge. Membership of the website is still required but there is no charge if all you intend to view is Youtube curated content.

PREMIUM:- Online Video Tutorials is paid for content. It costs us money to acquire the subject matter. In some cases the Courses are quite expensive to acquire so we need to recoup our expenses and charge a monthly membership fee. Our intention is to charge a nominal $14.95 per month for full access to all of the material on


I buy a lot of marketing material and one of my main hates is the amount of emails I receive from the vendors of aforementioned marketing material. The occasional  email is ok but when you are getting 3 or 4 or more emails from the same marketers every week it is a bit much.

So, no email list for me. Obviously when you enroll as a member of you will provide an email for confirmation purposes of the transaction but your email will not be added to an emailing list and you will not receive regular emails from me.