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Activities And Hobbies

Get creative in your thinking. Look at the list of activities and hobbies.

My objective is to stimulate thought. It Is possible that your hobby or activity is listed here, in which case there will be a short video or videos for you to view on our Online Courses website - Click here to visit

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Which ones can be money making hobbies?

If you have excellent communication skills how about Acting or Drama.

If you are patient determined and detail orientated how about Amateur Astronomy.

Amateur Radio is another hobby that we have trawled youtube for to find a couple of interesting videos.

As you read this, you will probably realise that I am listing all of the activities and hobbies in a alpabetical format. I just find it easier to ensure that I am not missing out any of them.

My wife and I love cats. We like other animals too but our main passion is our cats so one of my hobbies is Animals and Pets. Here is a short video photo album I did recently featuring our cats Mimi and Milo:-


I hope you liked that although the ending is a bit abrupt. Also did you notice my spelling mistake? In the slide where Mimi is sitting on my lap I put in "mmy lap"  oops.

Next in the list of activities and hobbies is archery. This is really well suited to those that are focused and precise.

How about Backgammon if you enjoy thinking strategically or Basketball if you are energetic and able to multitask.

Blogging is the sort of activity that many take up in the hope of making money. In days gone by that is how I first got involved in making money from Adsense and we have a couple of online tutorials covering blogging that you may wish to look at.


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Bored? How about Board Games. My little joke. Seriously though, many hours of fun are to be had with board games.

A few years ago I was starting to get on the fat side. Heck, I was just plain overweight and I needed to do something about it so I took up the next activity on my list - Bodybuilding. What a difference that made in so many ways.

I changed my eating habits in order to accomodate what needed to be done in order to convert fat to muscle and within about six months my waist had come down from about a 38" inch waist to 32. I had a stomach that I could see past. I could actually see my toes again!!! Not quite a six pack but my stomach was still pretty impressive. Unfortunately my bodybuilding days are part of history but I have managed to remain the same weight now for the past 20 plus years.

Next on my list of activities and hobbies is Calligraphy. I do not know about you but I am always impressed when I see writing that is so distinctive. Calligraphers are true artists.

Many years ago, before I took up bodybuilding I practised the next activity on my list. Car Restoration. Not so much restoring a vintage collectors piece, more like buying a car that was in poor condition, restoring it by either body repair or respraying or both in order to sell it for a profit.

The next activity or hobby is Chess. As a teenager at Madras College in St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland, I used to be in the chess team. We would visit other schools in the area for chess competitions. Now my grandson has taken up chess and every time he visits he challenges me. To date I can still beat him. I wonder how long that will last.

When Hedko goes properly live there will be a chess tutorial.

Childcare is the next on my list. Although I cannot see the attraction, I know that many millions of people around the world are really caring and they can make a tremendous difference to the lives of those that they care for.

Are you excellent at interpersonal relationships? Ready to take the initiative and passionate in the things that you do? If so you may find Club Leadership is your thing.

The next on my list is one that I would really love to be able to do. Regrettably I do not have the mindset or ability to do Coding and Programming. I can create a wordpress website but to be honest, creating a website with wordpress is fairly simple. We have tutorials covering this in detail.   The above link will function correctly when is built. In the meantime the link takes you to a holding page on

If you have a strong attention to detail and you are passionate about your personal interests you may be into Collecting, alternatively if you love food and enjoy pleasing others, you are creative and an excellent improvisor, Cooking might be your thing.

Do you have an artistic flair? How about handmade Crafts? If you have the ability and business savvy there is money to be made with crafts, and if you can sell crafts you could maybe move on to other things.

When Hedko goes properly live there will be a tutorial on Crafts

Ok, you may not be into any of the above but you are a good writer. Creative Writing is an activity with potentially a lucrative outcome. Think Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings etc. The ability to write and an exploring and innovative mind could set you on the path to riches. Just saying!

Do you like sports? Maybe Cricket appeals to you. It does to millions worldwide. Not interested? How about doing puzzles. My wife is into puzzles. Crossword Puzzles are big internationally. Just about every newspaper in the world has a crossword puzzle.

Alright, you are active but not into the sports I have already mentioned so how about Cycling or if you prefer to be in the warm, Dancing. Ballroom Dancing, Ballet, Hip Hop, Modern or if you are in Scotland, Highland Dancing. There are lots of types of dancing so get on the floor and do your thing.

Are you artistic in the sense of being able to create Drawings. Couple that drawing ability with a cutting sense of humour and what do you get? Caricatures. Did you know that Leonardo da Vinci was a caricaturist? That is according to Wikipedia.

When I was a young lad living in Fife in Scotland I used to love Fishing. Some weekends I would go Fly Fishing, other times it would be Spinning but mainly it was baiting a line, throwing or casting into The River Tay and waiting for a bite. Those were the days. Oh well!

Another of my activities as a youngster was Football. I was not very tall and yet I was a goalkeeper. Pretty good one too but unfortunately my height let me down.

Now the next activity is one that I really enjoy but thankfully am not addicted to. Gambling. The forerunner to what this site is today was as a Horseracing Tipping Website. I do not know if the search engine archives go back far enough.

Do you care about nature and the environment? Maybe you are into sustainability and clean energy in which case Gardening could be ideal for you. My wife loves getting into the garden and creating a wonderful place to sit and enjoy the occasional sunny day. And in Scotland they are few and far between but when they come, Dawn and I are out enjoying a cup of tea in the sunshine.

What my wife Dawn is into however is the next activity and hobby on this list of activities and hobbies. Genealogy is her passion. We have been together for more than 25 years and in all that time she has been researching her past. She has been to all parts of the UK visiting Registry Offices and Libraries and anywhere that helps improve her knowledge of her ancestry.

An activity that is popular all over the world is Golf. And this is the subject of our next video.

When Hedko goes properly live there will be a tutorial on Golf.

Many people like getting out and about so it may be that Hiking is an activity that appeals.

Next in this alphabetical list of activities and hobbies is Hunting. Not my thing I have to say but I know many people who enjoy the activity and if the shot is from a camera, that would have my support.

Now Investing is an interesting one. It is certainly an activity and if your name is Warren Buffet it is certainly very lucrative.

Earlier in this article we covered Crossword Puzzles, now we are on to Jigsaw Puzzles and this is an excellent pastime if you have exceptional problem solving skills.

Knitting. You need to be good at multitasking and have good planning skills.

A few paragraphs ago I touched on the subject of gardening. Landscaping is the logical progression if you are detail oriented and are an excellent planner.

Languages might be an activity if you are the type to enjoy diversity and culture and like visiting foreign lands.

Lego Building is a hobby that has been around since Ole Kirk Christiansen began making wooden toys in 1932, progressing to plastic Lego in 1947. Now there are holiday resorts built around Lego, although not fully owned by the Lego Group. Legoland is present around the world.

Another activity which has grown in popularity in recent years is that of Marathon Running but you need to be determined and enjoy taking on big challenges. You also need tenacity and dedication and a really good understanding of how to care for your body.

Martial Arts is another activity practiced by hundreds of millions of people around the world. Popularised by the likes of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan in the 1970s and 1980s Martial Arts comprise amongst others Karate, Taekwondo, Jujutsu, Kickboxing, and nowadays Mixed Martial Arts is very popular.

When Hedko goes properly live there will be a tutorial on Martial Arts

Are you calm and collected and have self discipline? If so it may be that you practice Meditation. According to Wikipedia Meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique – such as mindfulness, or focusing their mind on a particular object, thought or activity – to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state.

The next hobby is Model Building. As a young kid my dad would get me model aeroplanes and trains and boats and cars and I could spend hours meticulously building and glueing these models. Great fun.

A more sporty venture is Mountain Biking or on the subject of Mountains how about Mountain Climbing. I live in Scotland and one of the challenges in the UK is to climb all of the 282 Munros which can be defined as any of the 282 mountains in Scotland that are at least 3,000 feet high (approximately 914 metres).

The next activity is wide ranging encompassing a large number of Musical Instruments, from Accordians to Zithers. My favourite is the guitar which I learned to play in my teens.

The next subject is dear to my heart in that it represents the basis of the business I am building with tipsfest and hedko. Online Classes. In most cases, it refers to a course, program or degree delivered completely online. I prefer to use the term Online Learning Tutorial.

Origami is the art of paper folding. Mainly associated with Japanese culture. Nowadays the word Origami refers to folding practices, regardless of their culture of origin.

When Hedko goes properly live there will be a tutorial on Origami.

We are on to the letter P now and there are a number of activities and hobbies starting with the letter P. We will start off with Painting as in Rembrandt the Dutch artist generally considered one of the greatest visual artists in the history of art and the most important in Dutch art history.

Papermaking is interesting in that until I started to compile this article on activities and hobbies I had never heard of Papermaking which is different from the process of mass producing paper for newspapers etc.

Parachuting and Paragliding I imagine can be coupled together although there are videos to be viewed on both subjects.

Photography is a really popular activity or hobby and we will be covering this in depth on hedko.

Finally in the P category is Pottery. My wife and I visit Torquay periodically because my son lives there. Nearby is the Babbacombe Pottery. Really interesting to watch.

Reading, not the place Reading in Berkshire, England but reading as in grab a book and have a good read. As a child I enjoyed reading but as I have got older I rarely sit down with a book and read but I know that it is a very popular activity.

Next on my list is Recycling. This is for the environmentalists. Not an activity that I would have thought could become a hobby but what do I know. In my research into Recycling I have found that it is not only a hobby pursued by many but is also a means of making money. Well!!!

Robotics. What is robotics? It is the branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots. Now you know.

Rock Climbing. The sport of rock climbing is a lesson in how humans take an ancient activity and run with it. This is how rock climbing is described by

As a young man aged about 21 I decided I would take up Running and Jogging. I did not enjoy it at all and yet it is an activity that people around the world do on a daily basis. Each to their own.

S is a big contributor in this article about Activities and Hobbies.

Sailing, from dinghies to multi hulls, enthusiasts love it.

Singing, on your own in the bathroom or possibly in a choir or on stage in a band. Singing is a hobby and a business.

Skiing, you need to be physically fit and have perseverance and excellent spatial reasoning skills. I have never tried it. However I have tried Skating both on ice and on rollers and as a youngster I really enjoyed it but I never took to Skateboarding.

When Hedko goes properly live there will be a tutorial on Skateboarding.

Skydiving is high on my list of activities I would really like to try and there are some amazing skydiving videos.

Snooker is growing in popularity and good snooker players can make a significant income from it.

Socialising, you are a lover of getting out and having a good time.

Squash, what an intense sport. I tried it many years ago. I really enjoyed it but as it is an activity that requires a partner it is not a sport I pursue. My sports are the next two. Surfing and Swimming.

When I was 12 my parents were on a long vacation and took my sister Nicola and I to stay with friends in South Africa. This is where I experienced surfing on the beaches of Fish Hoek, a small coastal town on the outskirts of Cape Town. I was smitten. 6 months of surfing the waves, wonderful.

Thankfully I am a good swimmer which was really quite useful because in the early stages I was more in the water than surfing the waves. On returning to the UK I took up windsurfing.

Swimming is my other great sporting passion. After a busy day it is nice to relax with a ten minute swim followed by relaxing in the sauna or hot tub. I wish I could do it every day.

So that is it with the S section. On to a much shorter grouping comprising Tennis and Travelling.

The origin of tennis dates back to the 11th century when tennis was played without a racket. At that time it was called Jeu De Paume, and the name tennis is adapted from the french word Tenez ( here it comes ) .

Travelling is a luxury not everyone can afford but it is hugely enjoyable most of the time when one is able to do it.

We are nearing the end of this A to Z of activities and hobbies with Video Games next. Hugely enjoyable, Video Games is a pastime and a way of life for millions.

Video Production is something I enjoy doing although as yet I am still not very good as is evidenced if you have ever watched any of the videos I have produced. The earlier video of my two cats Mimi and Milo is proof of that.

Volunteering is any activity that involves benefiting someone else not including family or close relatives.

The penultimate activity in this list of activities and hobbies is Woodworking, the activity or skill of making things from wood. This could be woodcarving or woodturning or woodburning (also known as poker work) or scroll sawing or marquetry and more.

Finally Yoga. No, there is no Z on this list even though I wrote earlier that this was the A to Z list of activities and hobbies. I was not completely accurate.

Yoga is an activity practiced by millions and there are huge numbers of videos on Youtube, a few of which we have curated and can be viewed on