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COVID SECRETS is a 9 part presentation. Episode 1 is below:-  

Athletes collapsing and dying. The following video has the details.


Until the Covid 19 so called pandemic concludes, tipsfest.com will provide a conduit to information, text and video, a lot of which is generally not available from main stream media outlets. Text in Blue, links to a video, image or other page. For example About us links to the About page where you can read a bit about the history of tipsfest.com.

Dr Charles Hoffe is a Canadian Doctor that has spoken out about his concerns over the Covid 19 injection. The video spike protein animation is a visual description of how the Covid 19 injection reacts after being administered.

A documentary was produced recently by Tim Gielen. He is on Telegram. As the documentary is quite long I have broken it down into shorter segments, no segment being longer than 10 minutes. To start with I have a short extract from George Orwell 1984 followed by a segment featuring John Lennon, John F Kennedy, Julian Assange and more, there then follows the Monopoly Documentary,   Monopoly Part 1,      Monopoly Part 2,      Monopoly Part 3,    Monopoly Part 4,      Monopoly Part 5,      Monopoly Part 6,      Monopoly Part 7


Who knew what and when. In the following video SteelTruth interviews Dr Vladimir Zelenko.

Thousands of Doctors from around the world condemn the tyrannical actions of Governments with regard to Covid 19 mismanagement, mask mandates, experimental vaccines, vaccine passports etc. One such Doctor is Dr Roger Hodkinson. This is his video.

There are numerous reports of people who have been injured by Covid 19 vaccines but many people dismiss reports of this nature as Conspiracy Theory not backed up by any real substance. Brianne Dressen is an American who agreed to take part in the Astra Zeneca vaccine study in November of 2020. What follows is coverage of her experience.

Covid 19 Post Vaccination Supplements

Dr David Martin Part 1 of a two part interview.

Dr Lee Merritt is being interviewed on what side effects she has found in her capacity as one of Americas Frontline Doctors tasked with interrogating the CDC VAERS database.

Dr Bryan Ardis has put together a protocol for treating the side effects of Covid 19 vaccinations

Please sign the petition to Investigate and Prosecute The People Responsible For Crimes Against Humanity

If you are interested in or concerned about deaths and side effects of the various covid 19 vaccines, visit https://openvaers.com for regular updates. For VAERS COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports (the red box data) visit https://openvaers.com/covid-data

Thomas E Levy MD JD, a board-certified cardiologist has a website https://foundationforhealthresearch.org/rapid-virus-recovery where you can download a free ebook Rapid Virus Recovery.

Read the stories of hundreds of vaccine injured at https://www.c19vaxreactions.com

Milton Keynes Family Funeral Services - In this video John OLooney informs of an increase in the number of deaths from blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, aneurysms.

Dr Andreas Noack

Dr Andreas Noack, a whistleblower regarding graphene oxide (hydroxide) found in Covid 19 vaccines, is dead. This video is a complilation of firstly his whistleblowing, then the raid by the German Police, then his partner announcing his murder. Fact or fiction. Do your own research.

Graphene Oxide Removal

The video on which this video is based was in a foreign language with sub titles. I have simply extracted bits of text which covers the various anti oxidants which apparently will help to build a strong immune system whilst at the same time degrading graphene.

One America News piece about reported cases of side effects of the Covid 19 Vaccine.

Young Australian after receiving 2nd dose of Pfizer Vaccine. Very ill, very sad.

In video 01 one sees the external side effects of a lady shortly after receiving the Covid 19 Vaccine.

In video 01 one sees the external facial side effect. In this video one sees internal damage.

This video contains footage of observations of adverse reactions and affected recipients of Covid 19 Vaccines.

In this light hearted video 2 ladies rap the pros and cons of the Covid 19 Vaccine. Some useful facts and figures presented in an enjoyable format

02 Adverse Reactions Compilation

This video features a young Australian relating her side effects, followed by news, followed by a list of side effects.

2 Million Plus Vaccine Adverse Events

I search the World Health Organization own database for Adverse Events recorded and displayed on the VigiAccess database

Covid 19 - Suppression

Sarid Harper is a software developer and Financial Trader who also has a keen interest in Global Developments, in particular the Covid 19 debacle. In this video Sarid highlights things that are going on around the world and points to nefarious goings on

Covid 19 and Ivermectin

A short video extracted from Dr John Campbell who has a series that he runs on youtube. In this short video he refers to "the Japan Miracle" It is no miracle, Japan is now using Ivermectin.

Cancer and Covid Vaccines

Dr Ryan Cole, CEO of Cole Diagnostics, talks about cancers and a possible link to Covid Vaccines. The video is just a small excerpt from the interview conducted by Del Bigtree of THEHIGHWIRE.COM. Food for thought

Newborn Deaths - Public Health Scotland

Public Health Scotland have noted a fairly large increase in the number of deaths of newborns. In September of 2021 the number of deaths of newborns increased significantly. Reason unknown at the time of submission of this information.